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Last Date for Registration: 27th June, 2021
Orientation Dates: 02 and 03 July, 2021
Test Dates: 05 to 08 July, 2021
You must have to re-print your Admit Card
Overseas Candidates who will not be able to travel to Pakistan during the Entry Test 2021 due to travel restrictions are required to follow the following procedure:
1. Register in the Entry Test 2021 on the admission portal. Registration is compulsory.
2. Choose any test center at random as you will not be appearing in the test.
3. Send scanned copy(ies) of documentary evidence (IQAMA and Passport) for your claim that you are legally residing overseas and that you will not be able to visit Pakistan during Entry Test 2021 dates at [email protected]
4. The subject of your e-mail should be "Overseas Candidate - Entry Test Roll Number (write your ET roll number)"
Form-VIII to Accompany Application of Children of Overseas Pakistanis Click Here